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Now in existence for over 4 years, Saigon Free Walking Tours continues to expand its programs and offerings to the community-based tourism. With over 7900 tours including 19900 tourists since 2014, we strive to fulfill our missions: to establish new industry concept and structure for-the-first-time expectations for the local based tourism nature.

In the near future, Saigon Free Walking Tours is going to operate independently as a non-profit organization (formerly known as a project of Hoa Sen University) and keep offering free “infotainment” tours to over 20 destinations in Ho Chi Minh City. Transitioning to a nonprofit organization requires SFWTs to adapt rapidly to the new changes, including financial issue. All the organizational expenses (website, training, publications, etc.) at the moment are borne by SFWT team itself.

From November 20th, we would like to kindly inform you that each tour from SFWT program will be charged 20.000 VND (approximately $1)/person as a donation to maintain and improve our organization. Your donation will go directly towards increasing the level of our services and helping to ensure that future visitors to SaiGon have an interesting, fun and rewarding experience. As small as $1, you are contributing directly to the development of Saigon Free Walking Tours, Vietnam.

Thank you for your attention to this announcement! We look forward to seeing you on the tours!

Saigon Free Walking Tours team