Closing Announcement


Dear our beloved guests and supporters,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for believing in our service. It is our pleasure to your companion in your journey of exploring Saigon. Moreover, thanks to the greatest support and absolute trust of international visitors, Saigon Free Walking Tours has become more well-known and familiar with many more tourists.

Unfortunately, as resulted in having been slip out of Hoa Sen University since 2017, we have faced some legal standards based on a new policy of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism. This means our activities such as providing free tours as well as recruiting and training students to become volunteered tour guides are illegal. Knowing the situation, we tried to find ways to maintain the organization by seeking for sponsorship from bigger tourism companies, yet there is no hope for us to be a legal tourism organization at the moment.

Thereby, after difficult considerations, we finally make an unwanted decision that Saigon Free Walking Tours is going to stop its service from January 31st, 2019 onward. Hence, we post this announcement in order to apologize for cancelling your bookings and closing booking form from this date on.

We wish you have a great adventure in Saigon in particular and in Vietnam in general.

Thank you for believing in us and being with us all these years.